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Customize various settings in the Admin Portal. Set the Knox Manage Agent policies for user devices and configure Keepalive, the program which is used for checking the statuses of devices. You can also manage the templates of messages for users and the master data related to user information. In addition, you can change the logo and header or manage other administrators’ accounts.
This chapter explains the following topics:
  • Configures the environment options, such as login, device management, inventory schedule, the Knox Manage App Store, MDM, and service desk.
  • Set the Knox Manage Agent policies, such as login, screen lock, and compliances.
  • Configure the Keepalive settings, such as the target type, expiration period, interval, and target groups/organizations.
  • Add a notice for device users.
  • View the provided templates of messages for device users and add and manage new templates.
  • Configure the master data of the device users’ position, security level, and work site.
  • Customize the logo and header in the Admin Portal.
  • Add and manage administrator accounts in Knox Manage.